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Lending Center

Vehicle Loans

  • Financing for new and used vehicles - Variable terms to suit your needs
  • Low fixed interest rates are available.
  • All loans are simple interest so there is no penalty for early repayment.
  • A pre-approved loan lets you pay "cash" for a vehicle. 
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Consumer Purchase Loans

We make loans for every type of purchase you can think of.

  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Campers
  • Boats
  • Personal Water Craft
  • Motorcycles
  • Lawnmowers
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Computers 

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Home Equity Line of Credit

  • A Home Equity Line of Credit is a preferred line of credit secured by a mortgage on your home.
  • A credit limit is approved for you.  You can borrow, repay and reborrow up to that credit limit anytime with the use of special line of credit checks.
  • You receive a monthly statement that tells you your credit limit, your loan balance, your available credit and your payment due.
  • Our line of credit has an initial discounted interest rate for the first 6 months and then it adjusts to 1.25% above New York prime but will not exceed 18%. 
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Home Equity Loans - 2nd Mortgage Loan

  • Equity is the difference between the current market value of your home and the amount you owe.
  • With a Home Equity Loan you can borrow against that equity.
  • Use the money for any reason such as home improvements, investments, college expenses or for major purchases like a vehicle.
  • Most importantly, under the current tax law, the interest you pay on home equity loans may be deductible on your income taxes.
  • You should ask your accountant or tax preparer how the current law affects you. 
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Home Improvement Loans

  • One of your most important assets is your home, and maintaining it or improving it is the key to increasing the equity you have in your home.
  • We have fixed or variable interest rate monthly payment loans.
  • For loans of $5,000 or less you pay no fees.
  • For loans over $5,000, one of our home equity loans will fit your budget. 
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Home Mortgage Purchase or Refinance

We offer the following types of home loans

  • Fixed rate loans
  • Variable rate loans
  • A variety of repayment and down payment terms are available

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Construction Loans

  • Our home construction line of credit can be used to build a new home or to add an addition to your existing home.
  • The line of credit allows you to advance funds as you need them and pay interest only on the funds that you have used.
  • Upon completion of the construction the loan can be converted to a regular amortized home mortgage loan.

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Credit Card

  • Our Visa or Visa Gold card is accepted around the world.
  • No annual fee
  • 25 day grace period for purchases
  • Click here to have us mail you an application or log onto our Online Banking and download an application by clicking on the credit card application link under our Products and Services area.

Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection

You may open a line of credit attached to your checking account. Simply write a check or use your debit card. If the amount is larger than the balance in your account, funds will be automatically deposited in $100 increments up to your agreed line of credit. Lines of credit can start at $100 up to $5,000. Line of credit amount is based on loan approval by an officer. Repayment happens automatically through monthly payments from your checking account. In addition, you can also choose to pay off the line of credit at any time.

  • No annual fees, application fees or maintenance fees
  • Ready Reserve Interest rate is 18% of daily balance of extended line of credit
  • $5 cash advance fee per transaction
  • Your monthly payment is either $10 or 4.0% of the balance, whichever is greater
  • Payment is automatically deducted from your checking account

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Financial Calculators

How much do you need for retirement? How fast can you pay off those credit cards? Our financial calculators can help you find your answer.

Free Credit Report

Keeping tabs on your credit is always a good idea. It's one of the best tools for stopping fraud on your account as well as a good gauge of how you're doing financially so you'll be able to get credit if or when you need it. An annual check is something everyone should do!

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